Headlights on the Highway

It was a good day. A long day.

After some shopping and a movie with my grandmother, I was driving home late one night down a country road – my headlights on bright.

I could see everything in front of me clearly as the road was brightly lit and unobstructed.

In the distance an oncoming car approached – their high-beams were on too.

Almost instantaneously, we both “clicked” down to low-beams, allowing us to both see and pass each other safely.

Driving – you’ve got to trust in your own ability to navigate a two ton bucket of steel… and you also must have a level of trust in the other motorists.

You must trust them to go to low-beam, stay in their lane, use turn signals and pass with care.

“Team” – I thought.
If you, as leader or standout in the group, always runs on high-beams no one else can shine.

Heck, no one else can see!

And if your team doesn’t feel safe to drive, they’ll eventually take a left turn and leave you.

If you ride on low-beams, the path is still lit – everyone can see, but you don’t overshadow, blind or disorient your team members giving them moments to shine.