Liger Hosts Free Webinar: ‘Why Isn’t Your B2B Marketing Generating Leads?’

For decades, Liger has been at the forefront of ever-evolving technology and marketing solutions. For one day only, their experts are lifting the curtain to share the secrets behind the company’s award-winning success.

The biggest question every business asks of its marketing efforts is how it can generate more quality leads that produce more business and, more importantly, greater revenue.

Effective B2B marketing starts with understanding a few key fundamentals, says Liger strategist Vanessa Martinez, one of three esteemed panelists. 

“Do you have the right message for the right audience at the right time?” Martinez says. “We’re going to break it down for you and show you how to answer those questions.”

WHAT: Why Isn’t Your B2B Marketing Generating Leads?: The Secrets of Effective B2B Marketing 
WHEN: Wednesday, June 28 @ 12 PM EST 

Eric Holtzclaw 
With expertise in tech and marketing, Eric’s more than 30 years of experience has made him sought-after by Fortune 500, Global 2000, and mid-sized companies. Today, Eric is Founding Partner and Chief Strategist at Liger, one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies of 2022, where he’s able to combine his three loves: business, technology, and people.

Vanessa Martinez 
As a Partner at Liger, Vanessa utilizes data to unravel complex business challenges, guiding organizations towards optimized strategies and increased profitability. Vanessa’s superpowers translate numbers into actionable insights and data-driven decision making that fuels sustainable growth.

Jackie Chism 
As a former journalist and a trained creative copywriter, Jackie is a strategic storyteller who knows how to create content that connects and builds relationships with target audiences. She’s managed and directed content strategy for national non-profits and B2B brands, and she’s currently brand communications manager for a Fortune 500 B2B company.

Our expert panelists will unveil the BATCOM framework: Branding, Awareness, Traffic, Conversion, Optimization and Maintenance. Through this proven platform you will learn how to evaluate your company’s current standing, gain actionable insights for conversion success and how to measure progress effectively.

This is a free webinar. Everyone wants their business to succeed and that’s what Liger does best, through a proven marketing strategy that identifies each businesses special needs. 

“You could have a website that gets good traffic but doesn’t generate leads, or you could be getting website leads but not a lot of them,” Martinez says. “Usually your marketing just needs a tweak like better messaging, or finding the right audience. We’re giving you the tools to diagnose and solve your lead generation woes.”