Liger in Partnership with Tarkenton, Launches 2BK a B2B Marketing Platform for Long-Term Advertising Performance Management

The new digital tool helps B2B marketers drive brand recognition, leads, and demand generation through ongoing engagements with prospects.

Atlanta, GA March 15, 2023 – Liger, an Atlanta-based full-service business-to-business (B2B) marketing firm, announced today the launch of its new B2B marketing performance management platform, 2BK in partnership with Tarkenton, an industry leading provider of B2B technology solutions. The tool provides B2B marketers and full-service marketing agencies with brand performance, display management, attribution, and optimization capabilities to support meaningful, long-term interactions with prospective customers.

Liger developed 2BK as an alternative to existing platforms, which are primarily designed to accommodate and track immediate transactional behaviors common to B2C industries. According to Liger, these platforms don’t properly support B2B interactions, where relationships develop over long periods of time.

“There is often a six- to nine-month cycle for B2B buyers to decide on a purchase,” says Eric Holtzclaw, Chief Strategist at Liger. “If you’re a B2B seller, you need to stay in front of and engage your prospects dozens of times during that cycle before those prospects become customers.”

While social media ads, display ads, and other types of digital content are part and parcel of B2C marketing strategies, many B2B companies continue to rely only on analog forms of engagement such as direct mail and interactions at trade shows. Liger designed 2BK to close that digital gap, meeting B2B companies’ growing need for more robust content marketing capabilities and performance over long periods.

Liger leveraged its partnership with Tarkenton, which regularly works with enterprise partners to create and refine innovative B2B SaaS solutions to build the underlying technology.

“There’s one thing that every business needs, no matter whether it’s large or small, and that’s a customer,” says Fran Tarkenton, CEO of Tarkenton. “We deeply believe in helping companies leverage technology to reach their audience in new, innovative ways and get into the market faster. 2BK checks all of those boxes.”

B2B brands that interact with prospective customers at trade shows can now ensure those prospects continue to engage the brand beyond that one-time experience. “Rather than run a single display or trade show ad, B2B companies can invest in targeted, digital activations in a way that reinforces their brand to those prospects over time,” says Holtzclaw. “Simply put, it’s a smarter use of marketing dollars—an investment we’re confident will pay dividends in terms of B2B marketing and sales.”

B2B marketers and agencies ready to learn more about 2BK can do so here.


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