Jencap’s brand transformation unifies over 20 acquired insurance and wholesale brokerage firms—improving cohesion and increasing market opportunities.

The Situation

Jencap is one of the nation’s largest wholesale insurance intermediaries. Over the course of six years, Jencap acquired over 20 insurance and wholesale brokerage firms as part of a brand strategy to expand their engagement with potential customers: retail insurance agents. The goal was clear—provide a wealth of services across geographic areas, and unify those offerings under the Jencap brand.

Unifying Brands Under Jencap

Jencap needed a partner to help them successfully integrate the newly acquired companies under their single brand. Jencap’s acquisition strategy focused on brands with similar services but in disparate regions, as well as brands with differing services but shared geographies. The business case for the acquisitions was solid; however, all the companies owned by Jencap were competing for market share. By aligning the branding in a meaningful way, Jencap could expand its offerings and geographic coverage in a cooperative way.

Jencap recruited Liger to create a more robust, coherent brand architecture as part of these integration efforts. In doing so, Liger would unify the myriad of independent brands and their stakeholders under the Jencap name.

The Strategy

Aligning Senior Leaders Across Organizations

Working closely with Jencap’s leadership team, Liger creates a clear pathway to a new brand, sales, and marketing model by carefully fostering internal negotiations.

To begin, Liger arranged conversations between disparate decision makers within Jencap and among the acquired brands. Liger’s brand experts conducted extensive research and internal interviews with these leaders; Liger’s brand teams gained insights into each of their current value propositions, customer needs, and brand messaging.

The robust process included:

  • Conducting SEO audits to determine both the benefits and fallout of integrating brands
  • Determining how to redirect the acquired companies’ existing customers to Jencap
  • Creating a clear redirection map so that all different lines of business could be represented in a centralized way
  • Auditing existing marketing assets from all existing brands to align messaging across the corporate Jencap brand.

One by one, Liger worked with Jencap’s stakeholders to determine how each brand fit into their new overall brand architecture.

Empowering an Extended Sales Team

New resources and a new strategic direction help Jencap’s extended sales team discuss and deliver new value to customers.
Sales strategies under Jencap had become segmented and siloed due to their brand acquisitions. In coordination with Jencap’s managing sales director, Liger identified Jencap’s unique selling propositions, outlined target customers, and created a unified Jencap sales model to support their new and existing teams.

Liger also provided their teams with fresh marketing materials, such as new brochures and flyers, as well as guidance on how to speak with prospects about the benefits of Jencap’s progress. With the sales team equipped and refreshed, the team was able to communicate Jencap’s value propositions more effectively to existing customers and prospects.

Going to Market with Confidence

Liger now executes on new brand initiatives and campaigns in a trusted and expanded role. Today, Liger has evolved to become a strategic partner to Jencap. In fact, Jencap has formed a small internal team around Liger, bringing together marketing talent from several of their acquired companies to support the centralized role.

“As our partnership grows stronger, it’s clear establishing a foundation for the Jencap brand was only our first step.” says Cynthia Hayes, managing partner at Liger. “We’re building trust in this dedicated role, bringing in traffic and conversions for Jencap through paid ad campaigns, thought leadership, and more.”

With Liger’s ongoing support, Jencap is broadening its market reach and offering customers more access points to Jencap’s full suite of offerings. Jencap now provides a unified message in the marketplace and is poised for future growth with a scalable brand architecture in place.