The Claw Podcast | Embracing the In-Between: Navigating Liminal Spaces for Transformation and Growth

Teresa delves into the transformative power of navigating liminal spaces, emphasizing the critical role of trust, both cognitive and vulnerability-based, in fostering resilient and innovative teams. Drawing from her extensive experience in leadership and strategic development, she outlines how leaders can effectively guide their teams through transitional phases, underscoring the importance of growth, embracing change, and the necessity of embracing conflict as a catalyst for creative solutions.

Teresa’s insights extend beyond conventional strategies, advocating for a holistic approach that includes understanding the human element, leveraging personal and organizational core values, and the relentless pursuit of aligning actions with the overarching purpose of the organization. Through engaging discussions, Teresa and Eric explore the intricacies of building high-performing teams, the nuances of marketing in times of change, and the significance of creating a culture that not only embraces but seeks out challenges as opportunities for development and innovation.

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