The Claw Podcast: Marketing as a Revenue (instead of Cost) Center with Zee Jeremic

Listen in as Zee Jeremic from Mass Engines discusses strategies and challenges involved in building revenue engines for B2B companies with Eric Holtzclaw, host of The Claw, the marketing podcast for C-suite executives. 

Their discussion kicks off by acknowledging three primary ways to grow revenue in B2B companies:

  1. Running More Ads: Increasing advertising efforts to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.
  2. Hiring More Sales Representatives: Expanding the sales team to increase outreach and conversion.
  3. Opening Up New Channels: Exploring new avenues and platforms to engage potential customers.

Zee calls attention to the difficulty in quantifying the impact of marketing efforts, particularly in the context of digital marketing and demand generation. However, he notes that quantifying even 30-50% of the marketing budget can change the conversation at the C-suite level, making it easier to justify marketing expenditures. 

Another crucial insight discussed is the need for proper budget allocation when investing in technology. When purchasing marketing technology (MarTech) tools, companies should budget three to five times the cost of the technology itself for the human capital (personnel and expertise) necessary to use it effectively. 

Eric and Zee also share their frustrations around a common issue in many B2B organizations—the disconnect between marketing and sales teams. Bridging this gap involves aligning the two teams and establishing a mutual understanding that leads may need nurturing before they are ready to buy.

Additionally, Zee and Eric discuss the concept of Revenue Operations (RevOps). RevOps teams are responsible for optimizing business processes and systems to maximize the outcomes of both marketing and sales teams. This approach allows star marketers and salespeople to focus on their core strengths while a dedicated team focuses on conversions and process optimization.

Listen to this insightful conversation to dive deeper into these topics and more! 

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