7 LinkedIn Content Ideas for CEOs

LinkedIn is no longer just the job site to find your next employee. LinkedIn is where you find your next customer.

Today there are over 930 million users on LinkedIn globally, but it’s not stopping there. LinkedIn’s goal is to become home to all working professionals and companies – that’s a goal of 3.2 billion users globally.

So how does your company find your next customer in this growing sea of users? Right now, getting in early with a simple content strategy to grow your network and establish your personal brand and professional presence will increase your chance of success later down the line (or even next week).

There are 9 billion content impressions on LinkedIn every week. Only 3 million users share content weekly. That means less than one percent of users are responsible for the content that over 930 million users see. You see this is a large piece of pie and there’s plenty to go around.

“What should I post on LinkedIn?” is most likely the question that is on your mind. Here is a list of LinkedIn content ideas for CEOs straight from Liger’s social media team.

1. Industry and Company Insights

Tell the story you want your network to know about your industry or what your company does. Give them content that delivers interesting facts and things that they may not have known otherwise.

2. Trends, Reports, and Predictions

As the CEO of your company, potential and current clients will look to you for the latest industry trends. You and your company will become more trusted as a Thought Leader as you stay on top of reports, set trends, and make predictions

3. Lessons Learned

Connection with your network is important socially, not just professionally. During your journey as a CEO, share about your experiences with your LinkedIn network. Share lessons you’ve learned and challenges you have had or are having that others can benefit from hearing about. 

4. Achievements and Company Updates

Keep your LinkedIn network updated about what is happening at your company. Trust us, they DO want to hear about it. Don’t be afraid to boast a little too, maybe even about other employees or partners.  

5. Video Presentations

54% of consumers say they want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they love. At Liger we love video! You can do anything from weekly tips and tricks to podcast interviews. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to video content. So get creative (or get a Liger)!  

6. How To’s and Educational Content

Your network wants to learn something from you. So teach them and they will buy from you. This type of content can be put into a blog, a video or video series, an infographic, or just in a simple social post. 

7. Complimentary Content

It is important to share information that is interesting to your network. When you are able to connect your industry with seemly unrelated topics, you demonstrate value to the complex problems that you address for your clients. 

Before you hit ‘post’, here are my last tips to you:

  1. Know your audience. Deliver a targeted message every time.  
  2. Post content with a purpose. People will see right through posting for posting’s sake.
  3. Don’t wait until it is perfect, it will never be perfect! Start posting and fine tune from there.

Time to start sharing! What do you want to be known for?