Saving the world

from boring, broken marketing

With Liger on your team, you will be known for all the right reasons. Your team at Liger expertly walks you through a proven process to marketing success.


All great marketing starts with a great brand. Your brand is more than your logo — although your logo is a good place to start building a brand. 

Your brand includes your logo, colors, and fonts and extends to the photos you use and other graphic elements. Not only that, your brand includes your messaging — the words you use to tell your audience who you are and what you do.  

If you want effective marketing, you have to start with a solid brand foundation.


After developing a brand that connects with your audience, you need to build awareness. This phase of the Liger process focuses on getting the word out about your company — using any and all marketing channels that make sense for your brand. 

We’ll help you be known by designing and developing your website, creating high value content (written and video), collaborating with your thought leaders to develop and release podcasts or social videos, and facilitating earned media placements.

Wherever your audience is, we’ll get your brand in front of them. 


Being known in your niche isn’t the end goal, though. We want your audience to click to your digital platforms, so we implement strategies to drive engagement and traffic to your online properties. 

We can design and place ads (both digital and print), build landing pages that specifically address your audience’s needs. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver qualified traffic — people who are looking for what you offer.


Once we have traffic coming to your digital properties, we need to convert it into revenue for your company. Far too many organizations want to start with conversions without going through the prior steps in the process … which results in wasted money and time. 

Conversions look different for each organization. It might be filling out a form to request a demo or setting up a phone call with a member of your sales team or it might be actually purchasing a product. 

We’ll help you define the best conversion for you — and design and implement strategies to make them happen.


When we start seeing conversions, we’re pumped! But we’re not satisfied. We’ll continue to track the most important metrics and understand how to optimize and maximize your traffic and the value of each conversion. 

We’ll collaborate with you to hone and refine your offers and the methods we use to attract the potential customers who are ready to buy. Using all of the data and metrics we can find, we’ll identify potential gaps in the process where potential revenue may be leaking out and plug those holes!

Optimization is an ongoing process of experimenting with the most effective ways to convert traffic into revenue for your business.


We have to be honest — this last step in our process might not exist in the real world. Do we ever get to the point where your brand is powerful, your awareness is consistently growing, your traffic is so strong that it leads to conversions at such a high rate that there’s no more optimizing to be done? Maybe not. 

But that might be because we’re insatiable when it comes to finding ways to refine and expand our strategies to help you exceed your business goals and deliver for your customers.

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