7 Ways to Perfect Your On-Camera Presence

Appearing on-camera can be nerve racking, especially for people who aren’t used to being the star of the show. So, here are 7 ways to calm your nerves and dominate your next performance.

1- Energy.

When you appear on camera, it is important to make sure you’re bringing energy.  The more enthusiastic and passionate you are while talking, the more viewers want to listen. Whether you are the star of your own video or appearing in an interview, make sure that you let your passion for the topic shine through.

2- Make the topic understandable.

When explaining an advanced topic like medicine or finance to a large audience of non-experts, remember to explain the topic in a way everyone can easily understand. People will remember your message and how you connected with them rather than how many industry terms you used.

3- Facial expressions.

How you are communicating non-verbally is just as important as what you are saying during the video. Make sure you are aware of what your facial expressions are saying. React and emote as you would in a conversation with a friend or coworker.

4- Don’t memorize answers if questions are given beforehand.

Being given interview questions beforehand is a great way to prepare for an interview and make sure you know roughly how to answer each question. However, do NOT memorize your answers. Straining to remember your exact answers will make you look nervous and unnatural which immediately decreases the audience’s trust in you as a source.

5- Dress the part.

You are representing your company or organization when you are appearing on camera and your physical appearance is a large part of that. That doesn’t mean you have to be dressed in a three piece suit, you just have to match the brand that you are representing. As a general rule, if you would wear it to meet with your boss or a new client it is a good choice to wear to your interview.

6- Elaborate.

Answering questions in as few words as possible can be great during a long meeting, but terrible during an interview. Make sure you are taking every opportunity to shine and get your message across. Even if the interviewer asks you yes or no questions, do your best to elaborate anyway, it makes you look good and allows you to say more about your company or organization.

7- Watch yourself back.

After appearing on-camera, watch it back. Notice the things you did well on and the things that you can improve for the next time. But don’t be too hard on yourself, whether this is your first or 50th time appearing on camera, you will only get better from here.