A Fool with a Tool

Many years ago, when we had less money and way less sense, my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to install our own fence.

We bought all of the supplies and headed over to a local tool rental store to rent a two-person auger to dig the holes for the fence posts.

The auger bit was almost as tall as me.

Once home, we started the first hole and immediately got the auger bit completely buried in the red Georgia clay.

It took us several hours to dig the bit back out of the ground.

We threw it in the back of the truck, headed back to the store and when the guy at counter asked how it went, we said “great!”

We went home – threw away our mud-stained clothes – and hired a team to do the installation correctly.

Regrettably, I see a similar mistake made by many companies.

Either they have more marketing technology – more tools – than they know how to use, or they are using one tool to do too many things.

Don’t be a fool with a tool – reach out to a Liger!  

Our strategy session ensures your tool selection will meet your business objectives.