Aligning for Success: Go-to-Market Strategies with Stacey Schoeman

In this episode of Mixternal Messenging, host Cynthia Hayes is joined by Stacey Schoeman, the AVP of Commercialization at U.S. Bank. We delve into Stacey’s extensive background in marketing and her current role in overseeing go-to-market strategies for products and solutions. Stacey shares insights on coordinating efforts across product, sales, marketing, and support teams to ensure successful product launches. She emphasizes the importance of clear internal and external communication, highlighting the challenges and strategies for aligning messaging across various channels and stakeholders. Stacey also discusses the necessity of keeping sales teams informed and enthusiastic about new products while balancing technical details and market needs. Throughout the conversation, the focus remains on maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that all teams are aligned with the company’s value propositions.

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