Designing Your Design Team

Whether or not I am building a graphic design team from scratch or joining a savvy creative squad –I am always on the prowl for designers to work with. I may want to collaborate with new talent on special projects, fulfill a demand on overflow or simply welcome a part-time extension to our own amazing team on hand.

I find there is a clear balance of strengths necessary for a well-rounded team of designers – as each fulfill a variety of unique functions.

Some designers are producers, they master the art of adhering to and developing brand templates, presentations, the work is clean, sharp, reliable. Oh how I love this designer. Then there is the graphic artist that I always envied – the ones who absolutely LOVE strategizing, they pant at the next chance to craft logos, infographics and want nothing to do with email campaign builders. The third kind of designer I’ve had the pleasure to work with is the hybrid researcher. This designer has a diverse interest in all of it, they research brand styles that have proven to be successful, respecting classic and vintage aesthetics, while peppering in delightful bold and new approaches.

It’s quite poetic, this alliance of creative knowledge and power. 

One commonality I look for amongst them all is good-ole trusting soft skills that go beyond technical prowess. Creative gurus must do well with teamwork, problem solving, work ethic, communication, kindness and a professional attitude.

Know your team, celebrate their strengths and differences. At Liger, every team is designed with thoughtful consideration because ultimately- this is the family we work with everyday.