Do You Know Your Company’s BMI?


We all want to be healthy.

But what constitutes “healthy?”

BMI (Body Mass Index) is one of many metrics to gauge personal health.

The formula for calculating Body Mass Index is weight/height=BMI.

A healthy BMI range is 18.5-24.9. Back in 2011, my personal BMI was 31.1, and signaled that something had to change.

Just as you focus on your body’s health, the health of your business is equally important.

At Liger Partners, we use a different BMI to measure “healthy” – a Business Marketing Index.

Our formula divides our clients’ marketing goals by their current operational capabilities.

A high BMI signals that a client risks drowning from over-marketing without the infrastructure to support the results.

A low BMI signals that a client risks starving for sales by not driving enough traffic to attract new customers.

I’m thankful to say that after changing my diet and adding a workout routine, I am back into a healthy BMI range.

Had I not learned what “healthy” means, I would not have known how unhealthy I actually was. My health journey changed my life, and understanding your BMI will do the same for your business.

Do you know the BMI of your business? Find out today by scheduling a meeting with one of our Ligers.

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