Do Your Part

Throughout the past month we have seen “normal” become completely derailed.

Jobless claims hit an astounding 6.6 million.

While some lose their jobs, many more are reduced to part-time.

One positive thing to come out of the lockdown is the local support for small businesses I see on social media.

Restaurants in particular are being hit quite hard since dining rooms are forced to close and diners must choose take-out or delivery.

When during a usual economic downturn, people would choose to eat out less, many people are eating out more simply to support local restaurants.

While the circumstances spell certain death for some small businesses that aren’t able to offer alternative options, other businesses greatly benefit from our support in more ways than just spending money with them.

What can we do?

There are a few free options that are equally as valuable as spending money.

Think about three of your favorite local small businesses. These could be restaurants, hair salons, retail shops, etc.

What would life be like without them?

Now, pull out your phone, go to your favorite major social media site(s) and do the following:

• Follow their social media accounts
• Like their posts
• Reshare their story
• Engage in the comments of their posts
• Leave a friendly review
• Tag a friend
• Link to their content

These small gestures cost ZERO and have the ability to attract and engage potential customers for the small business, and it will have a positive impact on your own social media engagement.

Show how much you care for your local businesses by continuing to shop with them and support their brand online in the ways outlined above.

Just think about how sad the world would be without Tacos al Carbon from Superica or a haircut from David at American Barber in Roswell.

It’s up to us to keep them afloat during these tough times.

Let’s do our part so they can keep doing theirs!