Embracing the AND

“Companies which are built to last do not accept The Tyranny of the OR but instead embrace The Genius of the AND.”
– Jim Collins, Good to Great

What if all your friends were the same?

They liked all the same foods, music and cars. They got excited about the same things and binged watched the same shows on Netflix.

That might be fun for a while but then it would quickly get old.

There would be no one to encourage you to try something new or show you the beauty in something different.

No one to balance out your weirdness.

You’d be stuck doing the same things all. the. time.

It’s no different in the organization you work with.

People often complain about how that department seems to be against them or makes their lives difficult.

When, in reality, we’re all making each other better and keeping everything balanced.

These are healthy tensions that empower your organization to succeed.

You might experience some of these tensions:

  • Manage costs and Maintain quality
  • Collaboration and Competition
  • Preserve tradition and Stimulate innovation
  • Structure and Flexibility
  • Critical analysis and Encouragement
  • Profit and Purpose
  • Task focused and Relationship oriented
  • Marketing and Sales

If your organization is built to last, you will embrace the healthy tension instead of viewing it as a problem to be solved.

You allow some flexibility within the structure. You acknowledge the value of honoring tradition while leveraging innovation for growth.

You embrace the value of both sales and marketing.

Who’s bringing healthy tension to make your organization grow?

A liger is a lion AND a tiger; we are all about the AND.

We bring balance to your existing sales efforts.