How Insurance Marketers Can Curate Solid Content From Their SMEs

Curating high-quality content can expand your company’s audience and save you time by reducing the amount of original content that you will need to create. It can also help you increase online visibility on your subject matter expert’s content and strengthen your business relationships. Curating the type of content that builds trust, relationships, and those sweet leads takes effort between insurance marketers and their subject matter experts (SMEs). These tips can help you collaborate and curate content that’s solid gold.

Get SMEs on Board

You’ll need your SMEs on board if you want them to hook you up with the solid content that you’re after. The easiest way to get them to come to the party is to help them understand how the content you’ll curate will benefit them. If they’re already creating solid content, this should be an easy sell, as you’re offering them a chance to gain more exposure for their efforts. 

If their content is seriously lacking substance or it’s sporadic or nonexistent, you can explain how creating content worth curating can make the company seem more human, increase customer loyalty, and boost profits.

Communicate With SMEs

Communication gets you and your SMEs on the same page. Talking about the content you want to curate and the results you expect can help you develop shared goals and a content plan for achieving them. Since you and your SME representatives probably come from different backgrounds, you’ll want to avoid the jargon. If you’re not sure about the terms the SME uses, ask them to explain those terms to you. Be prepared to answer any questions they have to make your communication smoother.

Chatting face to face is ideal because there’s less chance of miscommunication when you can assess someone’s body language and tone. But we still love technology for bridging the gaps between meetings. Think video calls, instant messaging, and B2B collaboration apps that let you share files and send messages.

Schedule Regular Content Creation Sessions

Scheduling regular content creation sessions is the best way to make sure your SMEs are creating the sort of content you want to curate. You’ll want high-quality content that’s relevant and interesting to your followers. Otherwise, they’re not going to read it or view it, so what’s the point? Tracking the clicks, likes, and comments your original content gets can help you figure out what topics and types of content are popular with your audience and what aren’t.

You can get together with your SMEs in person or remotely over video conference to brainstorm content ideas and make them happen. With your mad skills and knowledge combined, you can create high-quality content that suits your brand and appeals to your customer bases.

Organize and Schedule Content

Organizing and scheduling the content you’ve curated from your SMEs ensures your audience sees it at the right time. If content discusses recent events or issues, you’ll want to share it quickly before it becomes old news. You can share evergreen content at any time. You might save this kind of content to share when you’re short on fresh ideas or away from the office. Customer relationship management (CRM) software and social media tools can help you schedule posts to publish in the future.

Add Your Own Input

Simply sharing curated content is easy but a bit lazy. Adding your own input shows readers you took the time to read the content and add value to it. You don’t have to tax yourself too much, so don’t stress if you’re not confident about writing. A short blurb with your own thoughts about the content will do the trick.

Personalize Your Curation To Engage Consumers

If you’re a college student, you don’t really want to see content for retirees, do you? That’s where personalized content curation comes in. When you personalize your content curation efforts, people only see the content that’s relevant to them. They become more engaged because the content feels like it’s meant for them, so they’re more likely to feel connected to your business and your SMEs — and buy from you both.

You can easily personalize your content curation efforts by creating several social media accounts on the same platform that clearly target different demographics. For example, you might have the name of your company followed by the target audience, such as “for singles” or “for seniors.” Your customers will naturally follow the persona that fits them best. You can then share relevant curated content within the relevant accounts. You could also use email segmentation and include links to relevant curated content in your segmented insurance marketing emails. We love technology!

Get the Balance Right

It might be tempting to let your SMEs create all the content while you sit back and relax, but you shouldn’t rely on curated content no matter how solid it is. SME articles should supplement your own content, not replace it. Think of it as toppings like cheese, peppers, or lettuce on your taco. You still need the tortilla and meat to make it a taco, but you can add more to enhance it.

A ratio of four pieces of original content for every one piece of curated content is a good balance. Otherwise, it’ll look like your insurance brand doesn’t have its own point of view. You’ll also be constantly sending people away from your website, which isn’t going to do much for your bottom line.

Measure the Results

There’s no point curating content if your audience isn’t into it. Measuring the clicks, likes, and comments that your curated posts get can tell you which ones are popular and which ones miss the mark. Remember to compare what’s happening on different social media platforms because each platform has a unique audience with varying interests. You can discuss the results when you meet with your SMEs and adjust your content strategy over time to improve it.If you’re ready to take your content to the next level, get the team at Liger Partners involved in the conversation. We’re marketing nerds who live for helping businesses beat out their competition and make their marketing easier. Let’s chat online about how we can benefit your team.