How to Sell More Tires

Early in the 20th century the Michelin brothers began their tire company in France, a niche market at the time because only 3,000 cars existed in the country. This means there was only demand for a maximum of 12,000 tires at any time.

How could their company grow?

The brothers gave car owners of France a reason to burn some rubber.

Yep, that’s right. The Michelin Guide was born.

A hotel in Normandy on the coast? Here are some attractions in the area. Traveling along the Riviera and don’t know where to stop for gas? Here is your best bet.

Over time, one category proved to be more popular than all the rest: restaurants.

One of the ‘in between’ courses on our tasting menu at Die Rose in Rüschlikon, Switzerland a few months before the world shut down.

The Michelin company realized this is where they should focus, alerting the world of haute cuisine across France – and eventually across the world.

It’s a simple scale, from 1 star to 3.

If a restaurant has 1 star, it’s worth the trip if you are in the same state or region. If a restaurant has 3 stars? It’s worth an entire trip, even if it means a 24-hour flight across the ocean.

My point?

The Michelin company lacked demand and their solution wasn’t spamming inboxes.

Instead, they established themselves as travel experts and incentivized customers to get out and explore their country.

After all of that driving and wear and tear on the tires, who do you think they thought of first?

That’s right, Michelin.

This is what happens when you craft a thoughtful content marketing strategy and deliver it with meaningful consistency.

How is your brand getting its customers to lay some rubber?