It’s an Orange! Or Is It?

One of my favorite fruits is an orange, so I was surprised to learn that they are not a naturally occurring fruit. 

In fact, oranges are a hybrid of tangerines and pomelos, also known as “Chinese grapefruit,” 


They were originally green—not orange! 

Oranges are a subtropical fruit, but now that they exist in more temperate climates and lose their chlorophyll-induced green when the weather warms up.

They are perfect for a hot summer day, as an addition to your breakfast or mixed into your favorite sangria.

When I was in band in high school, we sold oranges to support our annual trips and for several weeks in the Fall, my house was the fragrance of sweet citrus as we delivered oranges to our friends and neighbors.

Now, do you have oranges on your mind?

This little story is an example of what we at Liger call “teach” content. 

If I sold oranges, I could tell you all about my oranges, how they are juicy and sweet, full of vitamins – all the things that every other orange company is going to tell you. Or I can teach you something new and get oranges on your mind.

Our brains are hardwired for narrative. Human beings have been telling stories as long as there’s been a language to tell them in. It was the best way to carry forward knowledge and information before written language, and it’s the best way to carry your customer along the buyer journey.

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