Jencap is one of the nation’s largest wholesale insurance intermediaries. For years, Liger has supported Jencap through its acquisition and unification of 20+ independent insurance and wholesale brokerage firms. Now, Jencap’s top priority is expanding engagement with its target market—retail insurance agents—across a dozen industries. Liger is integral to Jencap’s holistic approach to market engagement.

2023 Performance

Liger gets at the root of Jencap’s brand and marketing challenges, guiding its complex brand transformation toward success.

Partnering with Liger on our marketing strategies and initiatives provides everything I need and more to deliver on our marketing goals. I’ve outsourced the majority of our marketing responsibilities to their team by design because they always bring me the best of the best.

Kathryn Smith

Managing Director of Marketing at Jencap

Liger began by addressing the root cause of Jencap’s marketing struggles, which was a lack of brand definition and awareness for the umbrella company. Liger now manages all of the components related to Jencap’s strategic marketing efforts—from producing thought leadership and visual content to building landing pages, industry-specific content pages, and blog posts to driving engagement through paid media, earned media, and advertising efforts.

Compelling, industry-leading content sets Jencap apart from its competitors.

Liger’s challenge is creating a synergy that effectively reinforces Jencap as a trusted brand among its new and existing clients. As part of Jencap’s brand evolution, Liger routinely interviews Jencap’s subject matter experts to build nuanced, industry-leading content and promote its thought leadership in the marketplace. The rich new content, holistic marketing concepts, and integrated marketing campaigns are meeting Jencap’s evolving brand needs while staying true to Jencap’s powerful brand voice.

Liger boosts Jencap’s brand relevance through standalone website landing pages.

In addition to its corporate site, Jencap hosts unique landing pages—both industry-specific and topical—that expand on Jencap’s expertise. The pages optimize organic search results and create alternate entry points for potential clients to learn of Jencap’s expertise in specific coverage areas.

High-performing page topics include:



Professional Lines


Frequent, topical blog content positions Jencap as an expert across the industries it covers.

Liger creates weekly original blog posts for Jencap. Topics cover a gamut of industries and coverage types that Jencap provides access to, as well as its exclusive programs.

To keep up with the evolving search algorithms, Liger is intentional about bringing in expert voices and case studies that showcase the success of Jencap’s specialized experts. The case studies discuss real-world scenarios of how Jencap’s brokers help their retail agents overcome some of the biggest challenges in the industries they cover. Jencap was honored to be recognized with a Platinum MarCom Award for its environmental white paper on the impact of climate change on the insurance industry.

Jencap celebrates Women’s History Month, awarding its leading female voices.

In a male-dominated industry, Jencap boasts numerous extraordinary women expertly guiding retail agents. To bring attention to these powerhouse professionals, Liger helps Jencap celebrate Women’s History Month. To kick off the effort, Jencap accepted nominations for women to be recognized for several types of contributions. After receiving dozens of nominations, Jencap highlighted the award-winning extraordinary women on social media and the company’s intranet, sharing insights about their work and experiences. The response was overwhelmingly positive and grew Jencap’s account followers on LinkedIn and Facebook.

dozens of nominations

multiple honorable mentions

select category winners

new video montages

Liger also promotes several women leaders for media interviews and speaking engagements and successfully submits them for awards such as the ACORD Women’s Insurance Advancement Award.

Jencap’s Flip the Cap insurance podcast drives record YouTube and social views.

In addition to educational video series, Liger produces monthly podcasts called Flip the Cap. Host Kathryn Smith interviews subject matter experts on the latest insurance industry trends. Guests also compete for a spot on the leaderboard of an entertaining game where they have to bounce a bottle cap into a cup. The cohesive branding aligned with the thoughtful and engaging content has resulted in dozens of videos for Jencap’s YouTube channel. The podcast generates thousands of unique YouTube views in addition to views on their social platforms. Flip the Cap is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other platforms.

Jencap’s advertising and media campaigns invigorate audiences among stagnant brand competitors.

Thanks to Liger’s advertising, media, and performance marketing efforts, Jencap stands out as a powerhouse in the industry, reaching target audiences in engaging contexts for all of Jencap’s offerings.

Inspired paid advertisements connect Jencap to its audience’s deepest motivations.

Liger introduced a new national ad campaign with placements across relevant industry publications. The campaign’s unique “sketch” theme engages audiences in a creative and imaginative way, positioning Jencap as both an expert and empathetic partner, in terms of the challenges that professionals in construction, transportation, logistics, and other industries regularly face with their insurance providers. The campaign was honored to receive a Gold MarCom Award for creativity in the marketplace.

Liger introduced a new national ad campaign with placements across relevant industry publications. The campaign’s unique “sketch” theme engages audiences in a creative and imaginative way, positioning Jencap as both an expert and empathetic partner in terms of the challenges professionals in construction, transportation, logistics, and other industries regularly face with their insurance providers.

Kathryn Smith

Managing Director of Marketing at Jencap

Jencap’s email campaigns drive increased engagement among target audiences.

Liger regularly distributes hundreds of thousands of emails on behalf of Jencap, with click-through rates well above the industry average. These include business intelligence white paper promotions, which boosted leads while expanding the reach of Jencap’s thought leadership content.

Jencap successfully begins its formal earned media journey.

Liger is empowering a dozen of Jencap’s thought leaders to own their role in the marketing process. After conducting media training, a targeted initiative was launched, pitching them in media interviews, speaking, LinkedIn activity, and brand knowledge. Liger is actively researching and pitching relevant speaking opportunities, further positioning Jencap as a thought leader with industry experts. As a result, Jencap’s experts are regularly quoted in publications and highly regarded for their expertise.

Liger continues to pivot as Jencap’s marketing needs evolve.

Jencap’s marketing needs are fluid, so their marketing team at Liger needs to be fluid as well. “What’s great about Liger is no matter the curveball or the need outside our original statement of work, Liger’s people come to us as experts in that new area,” says Smith.

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