Lights Out

Recently the power went out at our house for almost a day.
During that time, I was reminded of all of the technology we rely on to keep our modern lives going:

  • Refrigeration
  • Electricity
  • Air conditioning
  • The internet
  • Light bulbs

For each of these life changing advancements, there were a large group of naysayers:

That will never work.
Why do we need to change? It works fine the way it is.
How do you expect to make that happen?
Why do you think you can do that?
That’s just a fad, it will never last.
What will happen to the candle industry??

If the individuals that were responsible for these advancements had listened – imagine how life would be different today.

Creating your marketing plan can be eerily similar.

For marketing to work, you must break something – a customer’s mental model, your approach to telling your story, the way you think about your overall brand, how it’s “been done in the past”.

The risk is worth the reward because once you find something that works, it becomes a supporting lifeblood to your company, drawing in new prospects and converting them to customers.

As you think about your plans for 2023, what are you going to do to take some risks?

If you are stuck in a rut, doing what all the other brands do, it’s time to schedule a chat. Let’s look at a disruptive way to drive engagement and demand.