The Claw Podcast: What’s Broken about B2B Marketing with Camela Thompson

In this episode of The Claw, Eric Holtzclaw discusses B2B marketing with Camela Thompson, from CaliberMind, a company specializing in attribution and customer data platforms for B2B marketing. Listen in as they discuss B2B marketing and the challenges it presents, with a focus on improving marketing effectiveness through:

  • distinctions between sales and marketing
  • multi-touch attribution
  • using a customer data platform
  • pattern matching approach to data analysis

Camela and Eric quickly agree that B2B marketing doesn’t have to be boring and broken; it can be engaging and impactful. They unpack the importance of highlighting the value of marketing within a company and addressing internal misalignment between sales and marketing.

The conversation then turns to the concept of multi-touch attribution, which involves assigning credit to different interactions with a brand. She explains how to represent various departments’ contributions and not just focus on marketing when analyzing attribution data.

The significance of using a customer data platform (CDP) to organize and analyze interactions with a brand across different systems can’t be overstated. Camela explains how the platform makes attribution reporting more complete and trustworthy.

Camela and Eric agree on the importance of marketers educating their teams and the C-suite about data and understanding that marketing initiatives should impact top-line metrics. They encourage marketers to read data not as math but as pattern matching.

Finally, Camela offers her perspective on the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in marketing, emphasizing that AI should augment human efforts, not replace them. B2B marketers should remain open to embracing new technologies to stay competitive and innovative.

Listen to this insightful conversation to dive deeper into these topics and more! 

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