Tired of Unopened Emails?

You have important things to say and take the time to say them in your outbound emails. Yet week after week, month after month you struggle to get your open rate up.

How do you turn this around make sure your spending time creating effective emails that get noticed, opened, and better yet … get the response you’re looking for?

Here are six simple ways to improve your open and response rate:

1. Craft an Engaging Subject Line

First things first: You need to grab their attention with a personalized, captivating, and clear subject line. This is perhaps THE most important part of your email. If they skim past a boring subject line your email will quickly be moved to the trash.

Use their name in the subject line if you can and make it clear what the email is about. The sweet spot for length is somewhere around 60 characters so don’t get too carried away.

2. Provide a Solid Sneak Peak

There is a little snippet of special text you can enter to give your readers concise information about the value your email provides. Take advantage of this preview – preheader – text by including up to 50 characters of detail so they know what to expect when they open the email.

3. Make it Skimmable

I know, you want them to read every single word, but most people skim first to decide if they want to invest more time in an email.

You probably skimmed this whole blog before diving in. It’s okay, we all do it.

So, help your reader out!  Make your email skimmable by laying out your text in a single column with clear headings that are about twice the size as your body copy.

4. Keep it Accessible

An estimated 2.2 billion people worldwide have a visual impairment. By proving a logical content order with headings, as well as alt tags on your images, you’ll make it easy for screen readers to relay the information clearly to your entire audience.

5. Bring it to Life

Your readers get a lot of email.

Who doesn’t like a good gif, video, or survey to break up words? Add a video or interactive element like a survey? Just make sure it’s relevant to your messaging and will resonate with your audience.

6. Be Bold in Your Call to Action

Ultimately, you write to get your readers to take some sort of action. You may want them to schedule a consultation, redeem a discount code, or watch an informational video. Whatever your call to action is – make it clear and make it unmissable. Apple now recommends your call to action button is 44×44 px with 16 px text.

So, now you know some helpful tips on how to get people to read and respond to your email.

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